Theater POV : PETA's Care Divas 2017

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) kicked off its celebrations for its 50 year by bringing back one of its biggest and critically acclaimed productions, “Care Divas,” six years after the original musical made its debut.

CAREDIVAS was produced and premiered in 2011. The musical dominated the 2011 Philstage Gawad Buhay! Awards, bagging seven trophies including Outstanding Musical Direction, Outstanding Musical Production and Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical

Humorous, lively and heartfelt, Care Divas is an overwhelming and bittersweet story about five gay overseas Filipino workers based in Israel who work as caregivers in the morning and transform into glamorous drag queens at night. Banded together by their circumstance and their passion to become performers in Tel Aviv, they each have their own stories, but with common threads of longing for home and acceptance binding them together.

The play’s wickedly funny text, written by award-winning playwright Liza Magtoto, tells of the lives of the main characters.Theatergoers will meet our caregiver heroes --the kind and loving Chelsea, the saucy group leader Shai, the bubble-headed Thalia, the high-spirited Kayla, and the grumpy Jonee.
Giving life to the major roles are well-respected theater actors Melvin Lee (Chelsea), Ron Alfonso (Shai), Jason Barcial (Thalia), Gio Gahol, (Kayla), Thou Reyes (Jonee).

The actors in their supporting roles are Myke Salomon (Faraj, David, Daniel), Paul Holme and (Isaac, Club owner), Joan Bugcat (Nonah), Sherry Lara (Sarah, Adara).

The job of caregiver requires one to make a very unselfish commitment of the time.  One must juggle any time arrangements and personal hobbies around your care giving duties.  The most challenging part would be to juggle time between personal needs and those of the care giving duties.

The chemistry was tight and their delivery remains fresh and funny.But seeing the new batch of Care Divas showed just how well written it is since the dialogue still had that spontaneous quality -- no matter who is delivering it.

But whether you are seeing the new or the original actors, "Care Divas" is guaranteed to be enjoyable and inspirational no matter how many times you watch it.

More photos of PETA' Care Divas go on the official page of Teatro Pinas.

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