Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B, is a story of a manananggal in a different perspective

The film premiered in 2016.Ryza Cenon and Martin Del Rosario star in the film directed by Prime Cruz. The film earned praises as the story strips off a familiar Philippine mythical character of its monstrosity. The controlled way of humanizing a manananggal,unlike any other films I've watched that depicts the mythical creature, is what it different from films of the same subject.

Personally, what got me interested was the songs played in the film's trailer, its hypnotic and catchy.

The film has limited budget which led me to think that the effects will be cheaply done, and I'm glad I was wrong.

Jewel (RyzaCenon) is a mysterious woman who lives alone in the city. Her secret led her to settle into a lonely existence. Then, she meets Nico, a broken-hearted, down-to-earth guy who also feels unloved like she does. Jewel is torn between wanting to love him and wanting to save him from herself.

During her frequent moments of loneliness, she watches TV, switching from the news show that covers the regular brutal and senseless killings of drug dealers to her favorite romantic telenovelas. A sweet girl who keeps a harmless turtle as her pet during the day, and transforms into a Pinoy-winged creature at night, luring random men in heat before literally feasting on their hearts.

The film is gorgeously crafted. The editing by Galileo Te is fluid and unrushed. Production design by Nestor Abrogena is flawless and marvelous. It is very easy to be hypnotized by the entrancing grooves and beats of the film, which blend a very contemporary vibe into a story that is as old as the world.

Ang Manananggalsa Unit 23B is produced by The Ideafirst Company Inc. with Executive Producers Jun Lana and PerciIntalan.

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