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Doña Elena Brings The Flair and Passion of Origen Flamenco Show

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Few days ago, we were very grateful to witness a one of a kind dance show. Doña Elena, the leading Mediterranean products in the country gave us a taste of Spain by bringing the famed Spanish dance group, Origen, to showcase a lively and passionate Flamenco performance.

Flamenco, being a Spanish dance is not really new to us. During the Hispanic Period, we were able to adapt its older version known as Fandango which as we all know has evolved into a popular folk dance and as a ritual dance in many religious processions in the Philippines.

Flamenco is a climactic event that compellingly showcases a longstanding art form that features music as one if its rich elements. In Origen, the old and deep sound of the Flamenco guitar, in the hands of Alberto Marin is united onstage with the iconic flamenco sound of the flamenco singers and matched perfectly with thestriking sound of the flute. After watching the show, I realized how much discipline and passion a Flamenco performer should offer in order to deliver a remarkable show.

The music of the show does not only sound, it speaks and lives and that’s exactly what we have witnessed that night. The Flamenco dancers starring Cristina Carrasco and Javier Serrano culminated the performance with force, dedication and passion.  With every step they make, you can feel the emotion bursting. There were different sets of Flamenco performances made that night including the so-called Alegrias and Bulerias.

The exclusive event showcased not just the Origen Flamenco Show but also highlighted some of the Doña Elena products. Doña Elena has become the trusted healthy partner that brings heart of Mediterranean cooking into Filipino homes. Doña Elena’s product line includes olive oils, olives, capers, pastas and anchovies enhance every day meals into healthy and tasty dishes.

Their products bring out irresistible aroma while retaining high levels of antioxidants like poly phenols and oleic acid. It is also a great source of vitamins E, K and A that helps lower bad cholesterol level and also good for the heart. Available in Extra Virgin, Pure and Pomace, Filipinos are guaranteed to enjoy a healthy range of easy-to-do recipes that are made 100% pure olive oil from Spain and take note, you can get such quality and premium taste at a very reasonable price!

Written : Milton Coyne
Photos : Axl Guinto

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