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The Tomboy Files Premieres at Pineapple Lab

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Carving a historic milestone in Philippine media, the first ever documentary mini-series featuring real lives, struggles, and voices of Tomboys in Manila premiered at Pineapple Lab last February 4.

Creator and Executive Producer Pj Gurnamal shares, “Masculine lesbians have either been under or misrepresented in popular media.” To directly address this, The Tomboy Files utilizes various creative channels such as media, art and performance to spread SOGIE awareness.

SOGIE, or Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression, is essential to LGBT advocacy as the anchor for sensitivity and understanding. The Tomboy Files team has bravely taken on the challenge of tangibly contributing to SOGIE awareness through its mini-series.

Directed by Cha Roque of CLP Videos, Volume One features six Tomboys from different walks of life who candidly share their experiences. Though coming from diverse backgrounds, their stories reveal an all too common struggle that resonates across the LGBT community. “There are many misunderstandings about who we are because we are different. One of the most effective ways to change misconceptions and foster empathy among various communities is to hear each other’s stories”, adds Pj.

Propelled by the positive online reaction to the project, The Tomboy Files team aims to produce more volumes for its mini-series. “The thousands of likes, shares, and comments have been inspiring. This overwhelming support reinforces our passion to promote better understanding within and towards the Tomboy community”, she concludes.

To inquire about future screenings or if you’d like to support The Tomboy Files project, visit or email

About The Tomboy Files

The Tomboy Files is a non-profit, independent project that brings together a group of Tomboys to create compelling content utilizing media, art, and performance. Its mission is to share the real experiences and authentic voices of Tomboys in and around Manila. From process to product, made BY tomboys FOR tomboys.

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