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“Labs Kita.. Okey Ka Lang?” is the real story of “Friendzoned”

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“Labs Kita.. Okey Ka Lang?” Old and New Poster
Millenials are going crazy over today’s hottest loveteams but even before KathNiel, JaDine or the LizQuen took the spotlight, kids who grew up in 90s have gone insane over the Marvin and Jolina tandem. We probably enjoyed their reunion through Flordeliza but the younger audiences have no idea how iconic this loveteam was way back in 90s. Marvin and Jolina are known for their romantic-comedy projects  both on TV and big screen and the movie “Labs Kita.. Okey Ka Lang?” is probably one of their most iconic project of all.

The movie is special in so many ways. First, it is the movie that defines “Friendzoned” at its best. “Labs Kita.. Okey Ka Lang?” is basically a story of two childhood friends Bujoy (Jolina Magdangal) and Ned (Marvin Agustin) who grew up together in Baguio City.
Jolina Magdangal as Bujoy and Marvin Agustin as Ned
Apparently, Bujoy secretly fell in love with his best friend but she didn’t get enough couraged to confess it. The worst, she even helped Ned to court Mary Anne (Vanessa Del Bianco). What makes the movie even more special is the iconic dialogue that torn us all apart.  It has become one of the most memorable movie lines ever thrown in Philippine movie history which made this film a certified classic.
Ricky Lee the writer of “Labs Kita.. Okey Ka Lang?”, Jerry Lopez Sineng the director and
the hottest loveteam during 90s #MARJO
Interestingly, after the successful premier of the digitally restored and remastered edition of Magic Temple, “Labs Kita... Okey Ka Lang?” , aanother 90s classic , finally got the same treatment and millenials will finally get a chance to witness this masterpiece of Jerry Lopez Sineng and Ricky Lee (screenplay). ABS-CBN Film Restoration headed by Mr Leo Katigbak spent over 360 hours to restore this 90s classic Romantic Comedy. The younger generations will get the chance to witness how the romantic comedy are being done and executed 19 years ago. Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal was reunited once again in the recently concluded premiere night of their digitally restored and remastered film in U.P Town Center.

Labs Kita Okey Ka Lang is one of the most recent offerings of ABS-CBN Restoration team in partnership with Ayala Malls for this year and expect more classic films to be restored soon.

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Written : Milton Coyne

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