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Artist Playground proudly presents “Prelude to Macbeth”

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Artist Playground proudly presents the Asian premiere of James Chalmers’ “Prelude to Macbeth” as its third season opener starting February 23, 2017.

Directed by Roeder Camanag, Artistic Director of Artist Playground, “Prelude to Macbeth” isan epic tale set in the middle ages. This one act play is the prequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth of how he becomes Thane of Glamis and how he meets Lorna Stewart who becomes his wife – Lady Macbeth.
The play is written in blank verse - the style fashionable with playwrights of Shakespeare’s era.

Paul JakePaule
“Prelude to Macbeth” was written by James Chalmers in 2009 and performed by his own drama company Shoreline at the Leverhulme Drama Festival and the Wilmslow Festival of One Act Plays.
“Prelude to Macbeth” won the 2010 Seahorse Award for Best Stage Play at the Moondance Film Festival in America. At the Wilmslow Guild Drama Festival 2010, it received the Adjudicators Award for the most original piece of theatre. It was also awarded the trophies for highest directing mark and overall winner at the SCDA Caithness District festival of one act plays in Scotland in 2016.
The schedule of performances of “Prelude to Macbeth” are as follows: February 23 – 26, 2017. Thursday – Friday at 7 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm and 7 pm. Venue: 1701 The Little Room Upstairs, Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave. corner Timog, QC.

Cath Go
Playing the role of Macbeth is Paul Jake Paule, an award winning director-actor who won as Best Director – “Happiness is a Pearl” (Broadway World Awards – 2016; Aliw Awards 2016); Best Featured Actor in a Play - “The Pillowman” (Aliw Awards 2016). As Macbeth, he is Duncan’s army chief of staff, an excellent soldier but battle weary and out of his depth at  a social level.
Andre Tiangco

Mitoy Sta.Ana and Andre Tiangco shall alternately play the role of Duncan, the cunning and manipulative King of Scotland.

Cath Go and JerniceMatunan shall alternately play the role of Lorna, an ambitious and angry lady with tons of sexual charm and aggression. She has been living on her wits since her parents’ death - sleeping with various Thanes.

GioCabanlit and Jarden De Guzman shall alternately play the role of Callum, is the wise fool. A guard at Forres Castle - Duncan’s seat of power.

For the 3 Spirits which is commonly called the Witches in Shakepeare’s play, Merdin Mojica and Tasha Guerrero shall alternately play the nasty role of Spirit 1, Kia Del Rosario plays the caring spirit 2 alternating with Princess Tuason. The peacemaker spirit 3 will be played by Jeremy Cabansag.

The artistic team of Prelude to Macbeth is led by Roeder Camanag (Director); Jesse Lucas (Music Director), Reynoso Mercado (Production Designer), Pauline Martinez (Lighting designer), Merdin Mojica (Choreographer), Banaue Miclat-Janssen (Speech Consultant); Paul Jake Paule (Graphic/ Layout Designer); Jhay-arLagrimas (Photographer).

The production team of Prelude to Macbeth is led by Kimberly Claire Somoza (Production Manager);Toots Tolentino (Publicist); Rowena Jarito (Stage Manager); Pauline Martinez (Assistant Stage Manager); Glenn Caspe (Technical Director) and Rey Mamuad (Stage Hand).

For tickets and inquiries, visit Artist Playground's Facebook Page or contact 09759193179.

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