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Film Review : ORO (2016 Metro Manila Film Festival)

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There's a reason why ORO is considered part of the pool of competing movie entries for the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival. It was as gritting as it gets, from the effectiveness of their character actors to the story that is more of a realistic battle of compromises for the common welfare such as seasonal livelihood, environmental issues, and corrupting politics.

 ORO isn't just another screened tale of accounts of a crime incident and its background. Moreover, it was an imagery of what is happening here in the country – past and present.
With roles of 'Environmental Police' giving me a resemblance of our foreign conquerors in the past and gangsters at present; hiding under the mask of their 'advocacy' to gain power among the common folks in an island/barangay setting. This movie also showed how much people will do what it takes to earn a living for themselves and their families. How bloody it could be just to get a gold and make money out of it. While the experimentation tilted frames became a noticing factor, this ensemble of actors led by Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral, and especially Irma Adlawan carried the entire film on its shoulders.

It blended very well to the aesthetics of setting, technicalities, and grittiness of its gist. The antagonists were so freaking effective that it provoked anger inside of a movie fan in me. They weren't just a bunch of power-tripping bullies. They were beyond that. Kapitana (Adlawan) was the standout among the standouts. It wasn't just about woman empowerment issues, but the mold of an ideal strong leadership executed in such humane way as possible.

Certainly Cabral and director Alvin Yapan put up a good fight here, especially during the height of issue among the selection of films a few weeks ago.

 That being said, I think people should check out ORO while this edition of 2016 MMFF is still ongoing.

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