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Philippine Ballet Theatre brings Philippine folklore to the stage

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Philippine Ballet Theatre in its 30th Season brings Philippine folklore to the stage in its production of “Filipino Masterpieces” featuring the epic legend DarangenniBantugen and other ballets such as Mantones and Vinta at the Cultural Center of the Philippines from September 23 to 25, 2016.

Depicting the story of the legendary Maranao hero, Bantugen, DarangenniBantugen explores the themes of love, life and death, and good and evil through modern, contemporary, and classical dance interpretations of the lead character's odyssey, demise, and resurrection.

First performed in 2008 as an original ballet created for PBT, DarangenniBantugen features choreography by GenerCaringal and RoniloJaynario. The music of Jesse Lucas fuses indigenous wind and percussion instruments with pre-recorded original chants. National Artist Salvador Bernal's stylised renditions of original Marano costumes reflect the rich tapestry of Mindanao culture and tradition.

The emotional aura invoked by each scene highlighting episodes from Maranao history is further intensified by various shifts in light, shadow, and color. The combination of movements and sounds on stage transports the audience from The Kingdom of Bumbaran to the savage lands where Bantugen battles fire, earth, wind, and water, to the Kingdom-between-Two-Seas, to the Sky World where resides the Angel of Death.

Vinta, choreographed by Caringal, is an abstract interpretation of the sails of the indigenous Moro boats, with dancers gracefully depicting boatmen.  With music from Vangelis, this Filipino ballet was originally created for Lisa Macuja and Manny Molina with Liza delaFuente and MaritoniRufino as the second leads in the 8th Season of PBT in 1994.

Likewise debuting in the same season was Mantones, the late Tony Fabella’s abstract interpretation of the lives of turn-of-the-century of Filipino women while sitting in the living room of an old Filipino house waiting for the commencement of fiesta celebrations in their town.
For inquiries and to purchase tickets, please contact the PBT (02) 632 8848; 255 8076; 217 5355, 0995 158 0538, email or the CCP Box Office 832-3704, Ticket World 891-9999.

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