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Theater Review : Suicide Incorporated

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Last July 31, Sunday , at the PARC Foundation in 494 Lt. Artiaga St., Barangay Corazon de Jesus, San Juan, Metro Manila, I was invited to watch a theatrical play entitled “Suicide Incorporated,” from the writings of Andrew Hinderaker and directed by Steven Conde, produced Twin Bill Theatre.
The story is about a very serious issue about suicide that is seldom neglected because we always undermine the potential damage that it can occur to a person struggling with it. Jason is the main character of the story, which was hired by the Legacy Letters that helps its costumer to create their perfect suicide note. However, Jason is doing the opposite – a redemption you may call, as he tries to do some penance with the lost of his brother Tommy.

I really enjoy the story of Suicide Incorporated; it was a very timely play, a good reminder for everyone to take care of the people around us.

The production of the play is good, given with the little room they maximize all the props, lighting, and sound effects – enough space for the audience to understand the story in the stage. The actors of the play are very outstanding – they deliver the lines with convictions and project necessary emotions on what the scene is asking.

Here are the following actors in the story:
Hans Eckstein as Jason – Hans plays a various role in the story - as a brother, a dedicated worker, etc. However, what is remarkable about his acting is when he is on a suicide hotline and failed to save the caller. Hans successfully give the exact emotions and the transition from being stunned back to normal.

Bibo Reyes as Tommy – Bibo effortlessly shows the connections of being a brother to Hans in the play. It was delivered very well but I am half-convinced in his portrayal as a brother of Jason – maybe its part of the story where Jason slowly creates a space to his brother when Jason becomes very busy in his work.

Mako Alonso as Norm – Mako is the troubled person in the play. His interaction with Scott and Jason as the client of the Legacy Letters serves as the redemption point for Jason to his brother. Mako role supports a vital role inline of the main goal of the play.

Jeremy Domingo as Scott – Jeremy is the big boss of the Legacy Letter Company, a very demanding, a different kind of boss to his employee. Jeremy successfully shows a sales oriented boss to his employee, a whatever-it-takes just to get the deal person. Jeremy is very articulate in his words with a very convincing acting.

Chino Veguillas as Perry, Waiter, Officer – Chino is very flexible and a convincing actor in the play. I like his attitude when he plays Perry in the play. He is very convincing in the play that when the officer said to Jeremy that he committed suicide I felt bad for him.

Overall, I like the concept of the play. It is very timely and an awakening for everyone to take care of the people around us. I highly recommend other people to watch the play.

Review by : Tony Yson

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