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Theater Review : Philippine Stagers Foundation' Katips – Ang mga bagong Katipunero

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Katips – Ang mga bagong Katipunero is a musical played by the Philippine Stagers Foundation that is about the life of Filipino people in the 70’s. It involves the happenings and the people during the dark era of our country’s history in the 70’s, Martial Law: government self-preservation, and how the youth showed their passion and initiative to be the change in the society.
The main characters of the play, Greg as the brave editor of a school paper; Lara as the adorable half-American half-Pinay; Panyong, a loud activist writer; and Alet as the newest Tandang Sora. They’re all young activist that wants change in our society under the Marcos’ Dictatorship. But unfortunately, three of their comrades were abducted.

To sum it all up, the “Millennials” or the young generation doesn’t have the legit idea or the concise knowledge about this period that was long forgotten and interpreted inaccurately. So this musical play acts as the learning material for them to know what really happened that time. The 2-hr show was really great, full of excitement, thrill, and emotions. Creative minds had the stage with a minimalistic design, platforms covered with Filipino newspapers covering the reign of President Marcos and experiences during Martial Law. 

It’s so tragic when it comes in fighting for our own sake and making the change you wanted to have knowing that there’s a powerful dictator ruling. The music was live and well-played by the band onstage with Pipo Cifra as the Musical Director. Truly, every set of song, the lines are so remarkable and easy to be memorized and the listeners could probably have the LSS (Last Song Syndrome). It’s directed by the awesome and multi-awarded director also the writer and producer of the musical play, Vincent M. Tañada. And the most amazing part of the show was to see and to meet the survivors of that era, watching with us and feeling involved at the same time during that period.
Hats off!!!

"Katips : Ang mga Bagong Bayani" will be run in the theater venues all over the Philippines from July 16, 2016 til March of 2017.
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Written by Jorge Mitchell
Photos by Axl Powerhouse

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