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BREATHE LIFE Sikuna: A Collaborative Arts Festival

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With the aim of celebrating Filipino artists who live and breathe for their craft, Para Sa Siningis, once again, preparing us the most unique and diverse creations at their upcoming collaborative arts festival called, “Sikuna.”

Running on its second year,Sikuna combines the two Filipino words “sining,” which translates to “art,” and “kuna,” which translates to"cradle.” The festival was first launched on August 1, 2015 at the Century City Mall Events Center in Makati City.

Seeking to providea venue for established and emerging artists to collaborate and give birth to a new found brilliance and creativity, Sikuna showcases traditional, modern, and experimental art.The arts cradle particularly merges seven different art forms together: (1) architecture, (2) visual arts, (3) music, (4) dance, (5) theater, (6) film, and (7) literature.

This September, Para Sa Sining will be welcoming another season of productions that will focus on the central theme of wind.Accordingly, different forms or faces of wind will be guiding the curation of their succeeding productions.To commence the season, Sikuna will be held from 10:00 AM onwardsthis September 3 at the Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros Manila.

Following its objective of being a platform for interactive and collaborative art, Sikuna 2016 will be featuring workshops, tours, exhibits, film screenings, live art, performance art, community talks, community paintings, an open mic and an open jam session.There will be over 238 artists, 143 volunteers, 76 performances & activities, in 7 venue spaces throughout the day.The festival will be carrying the tagline “Breathe life,” to signify that art is not only a way to express oneself but also a way of life.

Sikuna will also serve as a fundraising event to further “Katha,” their series of bi-monthly collaborative events for independent artists, as well as “Hiraya,” their collaborative arts education program benefiting regional communities of the Philippines. With the mission of growing a community through Philippine art & culture, Para Sa Sining believes thatthe gust of the wind will only takethe local art scene to further, greater heights.

Admission to Sikuna: A Collaborative Arts Festival is only for 495 pesos.  Premium tickets are available for 695 pesos.  You can purchase tickets online through

For ticket inquiries, contact Buhay at 0927 167 5568.

For more updates and inquiries, you may follow Para Sa Sining’s social media accounts:
Facebook and Twitter: ParaSaSining
Instagram: parasasiningproductions


Para Sa Sining is an organization passionate in sharing Filipino art and culture.  We envision ourselves to constantly be creating collaborative communities.  Through our collaborations, we aim to rediscover the Filipino identity, move lives and develop co-creators.

Upcoming Projects of Para Sa Sining for the 2nd Season (September 2016 to May 2017)

September 2016 - SIKUNA - A Collaborative Arts Festival
Happening at the Intramuros, this festival brings together the different art forms and genres through over 70 performances and activities.

October 2016 to May 2017 - KATHA - A Series of Bi-Monthly Collaborative Events
Merging two art forms for each production, Katha allows artists and audience to freely share and experience art. Different forms and genres are celebrated through unique collaborations.
October - KATHA: Musika X Pelikula
December - KATHA: Musika X Sining-Biswal
February - KATHA: Teatro X Arkitektura
April - KATHA: Tula X Sayaw

April / May 2017 - HIRAYA - A Collaborative Arts Education Program for the Youth
This program started last April 2016. It aims to empower the youth in rural communities through the different art forms. Hiraya will be carried out in Sison, Pangasinan and Mt. Pulag again during the summer of 2017.

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