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Theater Review : Tanghalang Pilipino' Mabining Mandirigma, A Steampunk Musical (Why Mabini is a Girl?)

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This is the question that is keeps recurring into my mind while I watch the theatrical play "Mabining Mandirigma". Mabini as derive from the last name of Apolinario Mabini, it can also be a word play from the Tagalog word "Mabini" which means modest that depicts as the dominant traits of an early Filipina. On the other hand, Mandirigma which means warrior, a defender that fights for the what is rightfully his/her.
However, there are deeper meaning of the combination of both words.

Here are the following reasons why Mabini is a girl:

  • Mabini is a girl because she is charming. Ms. Leisl is a perfect person to portray the girl version of Mabini because she delivers the male charming personality of Mabini excellently with the exchange of dialogue with different character every moment seems natural. What standout for me is the moment when she pours out her emotions with her mother and with the young Mabini in her the dream, to be honest it makes my eyes perspire.
  • Mabini is a girl because she is a protective friend. Have you ever encounter in high school a group of girls that is more than a BFF, one of them is Mabini that once you take advantage one of their member you will be punished. The exchange of dialogue between Emilio Aguinaldo, that will be alternately perform by Arman Ferrer & David Ezra, with Mabini show a strong friend bond a love and hate relationship that is very evident throughout the whole theatrical play. Arman Ferrer showcase his amazing wide range of voice every time he open his mouth to sing, he has an amazing talent vocally that is well optimized in the theatrical play.

  • Mabini is a girl because she is a devoted woman. Despite the fact that he wasn't able to move his lower half, and fight with sword he still able to fight with the remaining capability that he have. He is a devoted Filipino to his countrymen and to every part of the archipelago of the Philippines. Ms. Leisl portray the Mabini's devotion despite the effective funny antagonist role of the five Illustrados. One of the light emotion favourite part of the play is when the Illustrados play a comical portrayal of the embodiment of the congress, they are also very convincing in the serious dialogue despite of they being funny.
  • Mabini is a girl because she is a fun mother. Although, the character of Pepe is fictitious the exchange of the striving servant with the cabinet member of Aguinaldo is very humbling as Mabini recall being in the same position of Pepe. Pepe is my favourite character in the story, he gives hope to the hopeless that magnified by being caring of Mabini.

  • Mabini is a girl because she is strong. She can't run and has less capability to do physical activity but despite all the shortcoming Spanish, and Americans targeted Mabini to be encarsenated because they know how powerful she is.
Catch the play date of Tanghalang Pilipino' Mabining Mandirigma! Get your tickets on TicketWorld:891.9999 or CCP Box Office: 832.3704

Play Date : ‬

Arman Ferrer: 
8:00PM | Feb 19, 20, 26, Mar 4, 5, 11
3:00PM | Mar 5 & 12

David Ezra:
3:00PM | Feb 20, 21, 27 & 28, Mar 6 & 13
8:00PM | Feb 27 & Mar 12

Mabining Mandirigma Artistic Staff and Cast 

Directed by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Vice President and Artistic Director Chris Millado and written by Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, the stellar cast is now led by Liesl Batucan essaying the role of Apolinario Mabini;  Promising young tenors Arman Ferrer plays Emilio Aguinaldo and David Ezra will be alternating as Emilio Aguinaldo while Carol Bello plays Mabini’s Mother, Dionisia. They are joined by the promising talents from the Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company. The powerhouse Artistic Staff is comprised by Jed Balsamo for Music, Denisa Reyes for Choreography, Toym Imao for Set Design, Katsch Catoy for Lighting Design, GA Fallarme for Projection Design, James Reyes for Costume Design, Barbie Tan-Tiongco for Technical Direction and TJ Ramos for Sound Design.

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Theater review by Tony Yson
Photos and Edited by : AxlPowerhouse

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