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Theater Review : Ballet Manila Presents Martin Lawrence's REBEL EDSA30

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Ballet Manila' REBEL EDSA30
Last February 25, 8:00 PM in the evening, at Aliw Theatre, Ballet Manila presents “The Rebel” a full-length ballet performance in celebration for the 30th year anniversary of EDSA Revolution.

Inang Bayan (Lisa Macuja/ Sofia Peralta)
Photo by Erickson dela Cruz
The show begins with Ms. Lisa Macuja speak an introduction on what “Rebel” is all about, as a Filipino citizen and how she witness it firsthand. As the lights go dimmer, ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra begins to play the instruments with a very familiar rhythm as Inang Bayan (Joanna Ampil) sing the song “Pilipinas Kong Mahal” by Francisco Santiago- Ildefonso Santos while dancing it by other Inang Bayan (Lisa Macuja/ Sofia Peralta). The song continues as Ferdinand (Gerardo Francisco/ Brian Williamson) and Imelda (Tiffany Chiang/Abigail Oliveiro) is on the top of the stairs in which Ferdinand is sitting on the throne. As the grandiose party is happening Benigno (Rudy De Dios/Mark Sumaylo) and Corazon (Katherine Barkman/Dawna Mangahas) together with Juan de la Cruz (Michael Divinagracia/Rudolph Capongcol) is gathering outside to oppose Ferdinand in his overwhelming control in the country.

Ferdinand dance with a very powerful gesture sweeping the floor like a grace of a gasel, then it was accompanied with a tandem dance together with Imelda – pride and elegance surmount the emotion of this performance.

After the party, Benigno together with Juan de la Cruz march a synchronize movement as they dance angrily towards Ferdinand. The fight between the Rebels versus the Loyalist was electrifying adding the choreography battle between Ferdinand and Benigno, the emotion between the two was on point as it perfectly depicts the resistance of the power of Ferdinand. Benigno imprisonment separating from Corazon was very emotional.

The first half was ended with Juan de la Cruz lying dead after the forcefully “fight to death’ match with Benigno as Ferdinand commanded.

The second half was started with the song “Magkaisa” of Homer Flores-Tito Sotto as Inang Bayan depicts the struggle. Inang Bayan was accompanied by the ghost of Juan de la Cruz as they forcefully fight Ferdinand against his dictatorship. However, as the Ferdinand becomes weaker, Imelda quickly continues the power of dictatorship under her control accompanied by the song “Feelings” of Marris Albert and “Dahil Sa ‘Yo” of Mike Velarde Jr.

Benigno decide to go back to Inang Bayan that makes Corazon very sad because she knows that he will be living her and his return could ignite a revolution. This scenario is accompanied by the song of Constancio de Guzman and Jose Corazon de Jesus “Bayan Ko”.

Benigno return to the Philippines but killed by no other than the spirit of his best friend - Juan. Ferdinand and Imelda went away from the Philippines and Corazon becomes the hope-figure of the Philippines. The ending is accompanied by a very emotional song of Jim Paredes “Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo”.

In Conclusion, this theatrical play is very timely not only because of the 30th anniversary but also because this will serve as an eye opening to all Filipino. Whether you carry a dream, an ambition, perhaps a hidden agenda, some driven by love for country, some by pure self-interest, some maybe elected as leaders, and some stay as loyalist – there is a rebel in each one of us.

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Theater review by Tony Yson
Photos and Edited by : AxlPowerhouse 
Two Photos from Erickson dela Cruz

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