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Tanghalang Pilipino : Prinsipe Munti | Theater Review

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Last December 9, we invited to watch the theatre play “Prinsipe Munti” an adaptation of the book Le Petit Prince authored by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “Prinsipe Munti” under Tanghalang Pilipino was performed inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Prinsipe Munti and Rosas 1
"Sasamahan kitang pagmasdan ang paglubog ng araw." - Rosas
Prinsipe Munti” is about a young prince and his journey as he encounters different kind of people and how they value themselves. The story is about encouraging grown-ups to never neglect to see beyond what our eyes can see but to find the true value of a person/thing using our heart.

Noel Comia as Prinsipe Munti – Noel did a great job in all his dialogue. He is indeed a very convincing young price and not just an ordinary boy. It really doesn’t need to go up until the end of the story to appreciate the potential of this boy, given not only the acting skill but also the fact that he is a great singer.

Queenmia as Rosas 1 – I did not expect that the love of a Rose to a Prince can be so very lovely, and affectionate. Queenmia is a very remarkable actress in the story despite the fact that she was only seen on the beginning part of the story.

Chi Navarra as Rosas 2 – A slumber, sluggard rose that how I see she portrays Rose number 2. Chi did her job in convincing Munti that the rose in his planet is just ordinary. Although I can’t see anything more special about her role, I think she did very well as a Rose number 2.

Prinsipe Munti and Alamid
"Sa pamamagitan lamang ng puso nakikita kung ano ang tama, ang mga tunay na inportante ay hindi nakikita ng mga mata." - Alamid

Jonathan Tadioan as Alamid – The climax of the story revolves around the conversation between Alamid and the Prince. Jonathan is a very convincing actor as Alamid, He make sure that every movement he makes throws a necessary emotion that helps to build up the very important plot of the story.

Prinsipe Munti And Piloto

Marco Viaña as Piloto/Geographer – The conversation between the Prince and the Pilot is the last important scenario of the story. The tandem of Marco and Noel serve as a guide to understand what the whole story is all about. Marco did a great job in directing the story flow beginning from the first conversation up until the last scene.

JV Ibesate as Taga-mando ng Tren/Lasenggo – JV did a great job in portraying all his roles. Although the role conversation given to him was slightly short, I do recall all his funny exchange of conversation to the Prince.
Prinsipe Munti And Presidente
Aldo Vencilao as Presidente/Taga-sindi ng Ilaw – Aldo was very remarkable as a President because it was the first planet the Prince went. He successfully makes the conversation of a very matured President and a child-like mind Prince less awkward, in fact it was very funny to see them having a dialogue.

Lhorvie Nuevo as Ahas/Higad – Lhorvie maintains the aura of an antagonist that is very appropriate to the scene. It was not over powered, which let the main objective of the story still highlighted.

Antonette Go as Artista/Mangangalakal – Antonette is very good in portraying both Artista and being a Mangangalakal. Her conversation with the Prince is very light and hilarious.

Doray Dayao as Negosyante – Doray explains her role very well in her dialogue. She is a very convincing actress by counting all the stars and acting very obsesses with the money that she owns.

The cast of Tanghalang Pilipino' Prinsipe Munti
The production did establish an exact mood needed in each scenario with necessary sound effects and lighting on the stage. Although the stage is small the lighting designs maximize the stage in creating a frame of mind that is necessary for a dialogue between the characters. The Costumes & Make Up is just on an average level and can be improved. The musical sounds and sound effects are superb; I really enjoy how they orchestrate everything very well.

The audience love the show despite the fact that majority of them was English-oriented people watching a Filipino version of “Little Prince” I recommend you to watch it; it is for everyone especially for the grown-ups and for those who wants to re-calibrate their perspective in life.

Prinsipe Munti runs until Dec. 13, 2015. Buy your tickets on Ticketworld or call Tanghalang Pilipino ticketing at 09273629081 / 09088941384.

Theater review by Tony Yson
Photos and Edited by : AxlPowerhouse

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