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Angela Markado (2015) | Quickie Movie Review

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Starring Andi Eigenmann, Paolo Contis, Epy Quizon, Polo Ravalez, Felix Rocco and Cj Caparas.

Based on a novel written by Carlo J. Caparas in the mid 70's turned into an international award-winning movie directed by Lino Brocka in 1980, Angela Markado is captivating as it is disturbing.

              My Quick Review of  Angela Markado 

With Tragic Theater, Your Place Or Mine, and now Angela Markado, Andi Eigenmann has officially completed the Poop Trilogy of 2015.

The infamous Massacre King Carlo J. Caparas (of such classic cinematic trash like The Myrna Diones Story: Lord, Have Mercy!, Antipolo Massacre: Jesus Save Us!, The Vizconde Massacre: God Help Us!, The Maggie dela Riva Story: God, Why Me?, Lipa Massacre: Lord, Deliver Us From Evil, Kuratong Baleleng, and Cory Quirino Story) actually managed to massacre his own movie. His National Artist Award deserved a Heaven, Help Us subtitle of its own.

Not only was it awful and idiotic, it was also filled with the worst performances ever in Philippine Cinema. (Bret Jackson, Have Mercy!)

One scene involved a rapist about to punch Andi and the scene slowed down while the camera spun 360-degrees Matrix-style. It didn't mean anything and had no bearing whatsoever except that Caparas actually watched The Matrix.

In a movie where nothing made sense, my favorite part was the daily newspaper that contained headlines of everything that transpired in the previous scene.

Hands down, the worst movie I have seen all year.

Review by : Jason Javier

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