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This Is Our Youth (Red Turnip Theater) : Theater Review

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Background about the story:

“This is our Youth” is a play in 1996 by American screenwriter & director Kenneth Lonergan. The play is a combination of a comedy & drama theme in which you can feel the intensity of the emotion subsequently balanced by the comical punch line on the side.
The story is about three struggling adolescence and their problems about going through adulthood transition. The three main Characters are:

Dennis – is a dropout student, trying to live independently in his parents-rented
apartment. He is Warren’s pal.
Warren – is a struggling young man, who is trying to fit through the adulthood norms of  Manhattan, New York.
Jessica – is the only darling on the play. She is the ex-girlfriend of Dennis.

This is our Youth | Theater Review:

Last November 4, I had the pleasure to attend a press review of the play “This is our Youth” performed at the A Space Gallery across Greenbelt 5. At first glance, I thought that the performance space was uniquely small as it can only accommodate around 30 to 40 people inside. However, strategically I think that the room space is just enough to hold the number of people and make them feel comfortable. The room is free sitting and you can sit either on the mono-block chair or on the pillows around the floor.

The audience is sitting on all sides of the room that surrounds the playing area. Since the theater type of this production is “Theater in the round,” one unintended mishap happened during the play. It was the scene when Warren throws the football ball in the kitchen and it bounce back and then it hit an audience –one of the disadvantages in using “Theater in the round.”

The stage design shows a good representation of what Dennis’ Apartment looks like. The space is divided into five different areas namely:
The Center stage - is where Dennis’ bedroom and his television are placed.
The Living room – is where Dennis’ two-movie chair, rotary telephone, magazine rack, football, ball, and his record player is located.
The Kitchen Area – is where his fridge, one pitcher of water (which I think the only thing present in his fridge), and a two-lesbian-kissing figurine (story reference).
The Recreation Area – is where his jumping rope, his family pictures, and a table set - full of poker chips & drugs are to be found.
The Door/Sink Area – is where Dennis’ answering intercom is located, which I doubt was present during the 80’s era.

The lighting & sound was also great, it contributed very much in maintaining a retro atmosphere throughout the whole story.

As the play starts, Dennis (Jef Flores) was found slouching on his bed while watching the television. Afterwards, Warren (Nicco Manalo) suddenly appears in the Dennis’ apartment with $15,000 stolen cash. The story begins to spice up as Jessica (Cindy Lopez) comes in the story - forcing Dennis & Warren to question their privileged existence as well as their loyalties with each other.

Although the cast member may be small, I could say that the three actors give real justice in the portrayal of their roles. Furthermore, their acting skills did carry the whole production, as the quality of their performance was superb.

The director Topper Fabregas and the Cast of "This Is Our Youth."
I encourage you to see this play, if you want to reminisce the youth of your past, or if you want to re/encounter the unchanging struggles of the youth today.

THIS IS OUR YOUTH runs on Nov. 7, 8, 20, 21 and 22 at A SPACE_GALLERY, 5th floor, 110 Legazpi Street, Makati. Across the Greenbelt 5 driveway. Parking available in Greenbelt. Tickets at P900 available at or call 891-9999. Email for more info.

Review by Gennithony Eson
Edited and Photos by Axl Powerhouse

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