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Philippine Ballet Theater : “The Nutcracker" | Theater Review

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Pasay, Philippines – Last Novembe 13, 8:00 PM in the evening, at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines), the Philippine Ballet Theatre, and Incorporated presents “The Nutcracker” a full length classical ballet performance with guest artist Joseph Philips.

Their choices of what to bring to the first scene were terrific. The Silberhaus Family together with another company give a warm introduction of the initial part of the play. In addition, as the march sound begins to play, an entrance cue for the local councilman to appear on the scene, Herr Drosselmeyer (Anatoly Panasyukov) creates an enormous atmosphere difference which is great as the first half becomes very monotonous with just a normal festive celebration. I must say that Clara and Fritz is also very effective in playing their role: as an annoying brother of Clara and a lovely innocent darling. I am also delighted to see a twist of comedy inserted when the Mouse King and his mice army fought the nutcracker.

The 2nd scene of the first act was my favorite, the pine forest and the ballerina dancer creates a winter wonderland effect, a space that helps the audience stretch their imagination with the a synchronize choreography from the ballerina and a suiting atmosphere that was nicely set with the help of the sounds and of the stage design.

The 2nd act of the play shows a lot of the techniques and physicality of the dancers as they perform solo and duo dance. The setting of 2nd act was in “The Land of the Sweets” where different sweets from around the world perform their dance as an offering for the heroism of Clara Silberhaus (Regine Magbitang) as he save the life of the prince of the said kingdom. “Chocolate from Spain” “Coffee from Arabia”, “Tea from China”,“Candy Canes from Russia”and “Danish Marzipan Shepherdesses” evoke  a wonderful couple dancing in the melody of their respective country. At the end of the performance the prince (Joseph Phillips) and Sugar Plum Fairy (Loby Pimentel) perform a final Waltz on the stage. The dance was outstanding as you will see the expertise of the artist as they dance gracefully on the stage.

There is just a little wardrobe malfunction happened in the middle of the performance as the Sugar Plum Fairy’s tutu string was exposed. However, in totality the outcome of the performance was superb. Clara returns to her home and have a last dance with his Godfather Mr. Herr Drosselmeyer.

The audience was generous in giving praise as they really appreciate the classical ballet performance of “The Nutcracker”. Overall the performance was splendid. It was also a great experience for me to appreciate this kind of performing arts.

In conclusion, I recommend you to watch “The Nutcraker” as it will be a mesmerizing moment in your life, consequently as we celebrate the upcoming holiday of Christmas.

Thanks again to Philippine Ballet Theatre for showing this awesome and magical production "The Nutcracker."

Review by Gennithony Eson
Edited by Axl Powerhouse
Photos by Erica Feliz Marquez-Jacinto and AXL Powerhouse

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