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Jurassic World | Movie Review

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"Hang on to you seats!" is probably the most appropriate cliché to use before watching this movie. It literally made me cling to my seat as I watched the main antagonist of this movie, a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur (Indominus rex),  deceive, hunt down, kill and/or devour people and even other dinosaurs. The movie itself showed great cinematography and fantastic animation.

It brought back memories of my childhood when Jurassic Park was released. 

Although, the plot is somehow simple and very predictable. It also had a lot of plot holes like how come the park did not have appropriate contingency plans for if or when a dinosaur escapes its holding facility? Did Zach and Gray’s parents really get a divorce? It was not resolved in the end. 

And what happened to Dr. Henry Wu, the chief geneticist of the Park? What becomes of the park that is now overrun with dinosaurs?  The movie had more action than dialogue and quite frankly, it was a bit gory.

But this does not necessarily mean that it is a bad movie, though. Being someone who craves for an adventure, this movie appealed to me. It made me hold my breath, close my eyes and even scream inside the movie theater which is something I do not usually do. It also gave the audience the opportunity to put the fragments together to form the plot of the movie. And because of this, the movie is easier to comprehend.  

After all, the movie need not be mind-boggling for it to become good. As for the movie-going experience, Resorts World Manila provided an amazing time. Soft, cushioned and reclining seats, tasteful movie snacks, top-class facilities and very accommodating personnel, they made every second of our stay there very enjoyable. Personally, this movie deserves a thumbs-up for this Jurassic World.

Movie Rate : 2.5 / 5

Especial thanks to, Pmcm EventsManagementNikolai Mari andKathy Kenny Ngo. 

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