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So It's You | Movie Review

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So It's You is a 2014 Filipino romantic comedy movie starring JC De Vera, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez. This pinoy film which is under Regal Films is directed by Jun Lana. This is the first rom-com for both Carla and Tom.

Plot: In So It’s You, Carla and Tom play Lira and Goryo, who are brought together by their respective misfortunes in the love department — the former unceremoniously dumped at the altar, the latter a spurned, single father.

Supporting Cast: Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Leo Martinez, Paolo Ballesteros, Bangs Garcia, Kevin Santos, Gee Canlas, Marc Justine Alvarez

The Review

SO IT'S YOU (Jun Lana, 2014) - Another rom-com that would have been better if it just focused on the gay couple's love story.

Movie Rate Star : ★★☆☆☆

My notes on So It's You:

1. Was this movie shot in high-definition? The camera was so unforgiving. The acne marks on JC de Vera's nose got magnified. I didn't even know he had those.

2. Since when was Fernbrook located in Ayala Alabang Village?

3. I think the lead character's family was supposed to be nouveau riche with their gaudy clothes and furniture. One family's expensive is another man's tacky.

4. I'm not sure how Carla Abellana's character ended up as product specialist (or as the character said, "med rep"). Shouldn't she be running her family's business and leave all the hard work to us middle class people? Besides, with those excessive accessories, bejeweled iPad, and leopard print clothes, who even takes her seriously?

5. The movie tried too hard to be current with all of its technological and social media references. It was the first time for me to hear the phrase "Peksman walang delete" and it made me love the icky "Boom panes" more. (Although I think one character mentioned, "May nagtweet sa IG" and I wasn't even sure how that worked.)

6. The family's shoe business reminded me of my favorite sapatero, Ms. Laida Magtalas, of course.

7. How can a supposedly rich girl who loves branded items and drives a car covered with the Louis Vuitton logo not even know Manolo Blahnik? It was a good thing she was schooled by her gay BFF, of course!

8. Kevin Santos and Paolo Ballesteros were the reasons to watch this mess. The former especially was so into his character that I wished he just had a movie of his own. Amparo Munoz would be proud of him.

9. Warning: Don't use your cellphone while driving. Especially if it's chunky and as big as a tablet. Wait, maybe it was a tablet.

10. I can do a mean impression of Tom Rodriguez. Seriously. With this and Bekimon, I think I've mastered his expressions.

11. To be fair, I really liked the scene where Carla imagined how her dream wedding would have been. It was funny but heartbreaking. Now if only the movie had more of that and less of the Instagram selfies.

Thanks to Json Javier for the wonderful movie review of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

Json Javier is working in a BPO industry and also a movie reviewer, he graduate in Ateneo de Manila University.

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