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Wait Until Dark: Rep2014 Season 77 opens with so much thrill!!!

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Season 77 of Repertory Philippines finally opens with a thriller play, Wait Until Dark, January 17, 2014 at Greenbelt 1 Onstage.

Be thrilled and meet talented Filipino theater actors and actresses!

Starred by Liesl Batucan as Suzy Henderson, a recently blinded Notting Hill Gate housewife, becomes the target of three con-men, Roat, Mike Trenton and Croker, played by Arnel Carrion, Joel Trinidad and Robbie Guevarra respectively,  when she was left alone by her husband Sam, played by Lorenz Martinez, one afternoon.

The con-men were in search of a doll which Sam Henderson had accidentally brought from a trip abroad. Gloria, played by Daniella Gana, a young girl who does the grocery for Suzy, stole the doll upon knowing that it was not a present for her.

The story evolves on how Suzy used her sharper senses of hearing and touch to overcome, outwit and survive the manipulative tactics of the three con-men to get the doll.

A straight-play of I think a couple of hours, I can only imagine how the characters were able to sustain the energy and the emotions all-throughout the play.
The Characters

Among the characters, I love the little girl Gloria. Despite her naivety and childishness, she is  aware what the situation calls for. She is alert when Suzy calls for her. And because she is a child, it is very easy to forgive her mistakes and wrongdoings.

Mike Trenton is a symbol of goodness. All he wanted to do is start a new life after being freed from imprisonment, finding the heroin and selling it will give him and the other con-man, Croker, a good fortune to start anew. He never dared hurt Suzy, he just tried to trick her into conversations that will lead her to tell him where the doll is.

Croker is the funny one, he doesn't really care about anything else but the doll.

Roat is a symbol of greed and darkness, he is willing to do anything even kill anyone who gets on his way just so he can get the doll and the heroine.

Suzy, of course the protagonist, is a woman of wit and talent. Newly blind due to a car accident, she willingly embraced her new life and found ways to appreciate her life and marriage. Not putting up with the blindness as a disability, she was able to walk the street, move around the house and love her husband just the same when she still had her sight. I love their sweet conversations and petty arguments scenes. She is an inspiration to a lot of physically-challenged people who should never give up with life because there are still a lot of good things around us.

Directed by Michael Faustmann, an original play by Frederick Knott, Wait Until Dark was first showed on 1966. Then later on adopted into a movie starred by Audrey Hepburn and gave the actress two best actress nomations for Academy and Golden Globe Awards in 1968.

Lighting designer, John Batalla was able to successfully execute the effects needed to convey the emotions of thrill and suspense during the entire play. Sound designer Jethro Joaquin had perfectly chosen the sounds and music to give that progressive thrilling effect which lingers until the end of the play.

Wait Until Dark opened last January 17 and will close on February 9, 2014. For tickets, contact TicketWorld at telephone number (632) 8919999 or log on to or you can buy them at the door.

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