Starting Over Again Full Trailer Starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga

In Starting Over Again, Piolo will portray Marco, a college professor-turned-chef who fell in love with his student Ginny, played by Toni. When Ginny left, Marco found a new love in Patty, played by Iza Calzado.

Starting Over Again is under the direction of Olivia M. Lamasan and written by Carmi Raymundo. Starting Over Again is a pre-valentine offering of the Star Cinema this coming 12th of February 2014.

This is the second time together of Piolo Pascual and Iza Calzado, they do there first film at
9 Morning.
First team-up of Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, they first met at the TVC of a Sprite.

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