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Dukit by Armando Lao

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WALDO,  fated to become a celebrated sculptor in Betis, Pampanga, was born to a religious but empoverished parents. At an early age, Waldo suffered his first personal tragedy when his father abandoned the family for another woma. He suffered his second tragedy when his mother died.

Waldo assumed the role of the bread winner to his three sisters and continued to do so even after getting married to his childhood sweetheart.
The early years of marriage were times of struggle, especially financially.

But sheer genius, industry, discipline and perhaps faith, all helped to turn the tide in Waldo’s favor. Through his eccelesiastical affiliation with the Catholic church, and notwithstanding his filial and marital responsibilities, Waldo rose literally from rags and obscurity to riches and fame.

It took Waldo years and success to come to terms with his past and eventually learned to forgive his errant father, now old and married to his one-time mistress.

Director's Note :

"Dukit is my attempt to make an authentic regional film. Shot entirely in Pampanga and over a year, the film features everything that is Kapangpangan—language, religion, music and the woodcarving tradition for which the town of Betis is known. Except for one actor, the cast is made up only of Kapangpangan talents and one-half of the production team are young Kapangpangan filmmakers. The film adopts the “found time” school of shooting, using multiple cameras, improvised dialogues, and actual religious, secular and occupational events as part of the film’s dramaturgy. The narrative structure is non-linear and fragmentary, slowly becoming a unified whole as the film progresses. Not unlike the process of carving out a statue whose form and features get defined only in bits and pieces."

"DUKIT" (means Carved in Wood)
Armando Lao– Director & ScreenWriter
Produced by Center Stage Productions Brillante Mendoza, Brillante Mendoza
and Betis Galleria Willy Tadeo Layug

Official Trailer of Dukit 

"DUKIT" (Carved in Wood in Kapangpangan Language)

PREMIERE NIGHT on December 18, 2013, 7:30PM at Glorietta 4 Cinema

REGULAR SHOWING: December 19-24

December 19, 5:00 PM / December 20, 7:30 PM / December 21, 10:00 PM / December 22, 12 Noon / December 23, 2:30 PM / December 24, 2:20 PM

December 19, 8:45 PM / December 20, 11:30 AM (morning) / December 21, 1:50 PM / December 22, 4:35 PM / December 23, 7:05 PM / December 24, 8:30 PM

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