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Five Finalist of the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival under the New Wave

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Here the list of the five finalist of the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival under the New Wave Full Length Feature Category:

1. “DUKIT” : Screenplay and Direction: Armando Lao / Producer: Center Stage / Stars: Raquel Villavicencio, Wifredo Layug, Bor Ocampo, Mark Grisworld, Thea Lelay, Bambalito Lacap, Petite Dobles, Rhea Lim and Mary Grace Martinez.
“Dukit” is a rags-to-riches story of a sculptor in Betis, Pampanga. Set against a rural backdrop of woodcarving activities in his province, it is a story of a man who has personal issues with his father who abandoned him, his three younger siblings and his ailing mother at an early age making him the sole breadwinner of the family. His works of art are reflective of his sufferings in life until that fateful day when he comes to terms with himself by forgiving his erring father.

2. “ISLAND DREAMS” :Screenplay and Direction: Aloy Adlawan and Gino M. Santos / Producer: Kenau Pictures / Stars: Louise delos Reyes, Alexis Petiprez , Chanel Latorre, and Irma Adlawan.
Island Dreams is a story of an underprivileged Filipina who dreams of becoming a successful singer. In the process, she meets an American vacationer looking for a one night stand. Eventually, both ultimately find something else.

3. “MAESTRA”:Screenplay and Direction:Joven Tan / Producers: Pixel Works and Scenema Concept / Stars:: Biboy Ramirez, Vaness del Moral, Dennis Padilla, Jenine Desiderio, Mel Kimura, Dexter Doria, Baste Alcanses, Darry dela Cruz, Lui Manansala and Ms. Perla Bautista
Due to her senility, retired teacher Mila, finds it hard to connect with her grandson, Rafael.
Her condition brings a strain in their relationship. One misunderstanding leads to another that causes the former model teacher to run away from home.
Mila finds solace in the company of neighbors and friends.
While looking for his grandmother, Rafael soon realizes how great and ideal his Lola is as a person and as a teacher based on the accounts and testimonies of her former students and by the people whose lives she has touched in the exercise of her profession.

4. “MGA ANINO NG KAHAPON” – Screenplay and Direction: Alvin Yapan / Producers: Alvin Yapan and Alemberg Chua / Stars: Agot Isidro, TJ Trinidad, Carlo Cruz, Upeng Galang Fernandez, Carl Acosta.
One issue the film wants to address is “Is schizophrenia so debilitating that it can actually destroy the love between a husband and the wife?” This question puts schizophrenia right at the center of the narrative.
Anino ng Kahapon (Shadows of the Past) is about a family dealing with the challenges of a member with schizophrenia. When Ed (TJ Trinidad) leaves for the Middle East for work, he leaves behind Irene (Agot Isidro) and their young son Brian (Carl Acosta) in the care of his brother Carlo (Carlo Cruz) and mother Flor (Upeng Galang). Ed’s departure triggers Irene’s schizophrenia. Irene starts turning fearful of shadows, which she says belong to undercover operatives lurking about. ( Irene’s mother was a nurse that cared for martial law rebels and Irene, as a little girl, was a witness to her mother’s political activities.)
As Irene’s disposition spirals into paranoia, the family’s peace is affected. Ed and the rest of the family struggle to help Irene while they all deal with her condition.
The film explores the many challenges that the couple and the family go through because of schizophrenia. It unfolds the varying degrees, forms and issues of surveillance (the feeling of being policed), which are at the heart of the relationship and conflict of a schizophrenia patient and caregiver especially during the treatment phase.

5. “SAKA-SAKA” :Screenplay and Direction: Toto Natividad / Producter: Cine Bro / Stars: Ejay Falcon, Joseph Marco, Baron Geisler, Kathleen Hermosa, Perla Bautista, Akiko Solon, Toby Alejar, and Mon Confiado.
“Saka-Saka” refers to kept hitmen by moneyed politicians who live in the remote areas of the province. Their main source of livelihood is farming. They descend the mountains when tasked to kill prominent targets assigned to them.
Based on a true to life story, it is also a tale of two brothers turned killers for hire after the death of their parents.

These films will be shown from December 18-24, 2013 in Glorietta 4 and SM Megamall cinemas.
Official Finalists to the 2013 MMFF Student Shorts Announced

Here are the finalists to the 2013 MMFF Student Shorts division.
1. No Filter – Mapua – Luigi Lupe S. Rosario
2. Limang Taon ni Lola – UP – Martika Ramirez
3. Gapos – Letran- Rizchell Anne E. Miguel
4. Jonathan – UP – Rolson Chester D. Ilao
5. Sequence 25 – FEU – Jose Limuel C. Silvestre

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